Brewery Spotlight: Back Home Beer

Two Back Home Beers on a beach

We recently caught up with Zahra Tabatabai, founder and owner of Back Home Beer. Based in Brooklyn, Back Home truly is a one-woman show, and Zahra’s upbringing, which was centered on family roots and traditions, is the backbone of her art. Zahra takes inspiration for her beer from the stories passed on by her parents and grandparents, particularly those of her grandfather, who made wine and beer in Shiraz before the 1979 Iranian revolution led to the prohibition of alcohol in Iran.

Fast-forward 44 years and Zahra is crafting beer with the same Persian ingredients as her ancestors, bringing those familiar flavors “Back Home.” Today, Zahra creates beers made with Persian blue salt, barberries, sun-dried black limes and sumac.

Zahra left her career as a freelance journalist to start Back Home Beer in the midst of Covid. Her goal was to introduce craft beer drinkers to new flavors while challenging their assumptions of what craft beer is and can be. Zara’s mission is clear – “empower women, support immigrants and take care of their surrounding communities,” while making delicious and unique beers like Sumac Gose and Persian Lager.

Zahra Tabatabai
Zahra Tabatabai, founder and owner of Back Home Beer

With two years under her belt, Zahra is focused on raising capital for her own brick-and-mortar space to bring community members together. Working with local orgs like East Village Loves NYC (@evlovesnyc), Back Home has quickly become an important community partner, and Zahra looks forward to using her new public space to expand efforts to raise money, awareness and advocacy.

Barberries, sun-dried black limes and sumac
Barberries, sun-dried black limes and sumac.
Persian blue salt
Persian blue salt
Yalda Queen (a Gose style ale with pomegranate), Persian Blue (a lager with blue salt), and Sumac Gose (a gose made with cured sumac, blue salt & tart cherry).

Back Home Beer LogoYou can learn more about Back Home Beer, where to find their beer, and their soon-to-come “bodega” at

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