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The Alchemist is a family owned brewery focused on the triple bottom line and using our business as a force for social and environmental good. Providing good jobs to Vermonters, a welcoming gathering space for all, and adding value to our community are central components of our business. Powered by solar, The Alchemist specializes in fresh, unfiltered IPA, with an unmatched focus on quality and consistency in our products.

In 2017, The Alchemist became a Certified B Corp. To certify as a B Corp, a company must prove that their day-to-day operations create a positive impact for the company’s workers, community, and environment.

"Everybody deserves clean water" ~Steve Miller, Brewery Wastewater Manager

Brewing is a high impact industry— from the energy we consume to the wastewater we create. It is our responsibility to commit ourselves to using less energy, choosing clean energy, repurposing waste and investing in new technologies. Read more.


An inclusive economy for all -- B The Change

The Alchemist is committed to investing time and money in strengthening our inclusive and equitable business practices, while supporting and celebrating inclusion, diversity and equity in the public sphere. Read more


BCorps come together in the name of change. Illustration of multicultural hands clinking glasses.

Supporting events, local non-profits, and being an engaged member in our community is integral to our mission as a BCorp. Our work at The Alchemist Foundation is focused on expanding educational and economic opportunity for Vermont’s young people. Read more.