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The Alchemist is committed to investing human and financial capital in strengthening our inclusive and equitable business practices, while supporting and celebrating inclusion, diversity and equity in the public sphere. In July of 2020, we released our public Action Plan to Combat Systemic Racism under the guidance of Dr. Curtiss Reed, Jr. and the Vermont Partnership on Fairness + Diversity.  Our plan focuses on three areas of strategic interest:

    • Ensuring anti-racist education in our public schools
    • Strengthening our brand position within the multicultural marketplace
    • Positioning Vermont as a desirable destination for consumers of color

This plan has guided us over the past year in prioritizing our business practices to reflect our core values of justice, equity, diversity and inclusion. In addition to working on various initiatives related to the three areas outlined above, we’ve identified internal education and partnering policies as areas that will also require significant attention and resources to move forward our goals of becoming a truly inclusive business and influence other institutions to jump in too.

This work is lifelong, slow, and necessary. Our goal is to listen to diverse voices, and to humanize, not politicize inclusion work. We feel the responsibility to use our platform and voice in the Vermont business, craft brewing, and our local community networks to educate, celebrate and co-create with the aim of building a more inclusive community, economy, and world for ALL. 

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Ourselves, our staff, our partners. Then our community: in schools, businesses, nonprofits. Through our work supporting and sponsoring community events and non-profits, we have the opportunity to build partnerships and coalitions to further awareness and seek diverse knowledge sources. We are stronger together, and by listening, learning, and combining efforts we can see more progress.





Arts, music, story-telling, and all forms of creative expression are a key vehicle for social change.  Through events at the brewery, collaborations and projects on site and elsewhere, we are seeking out and creating relationships with the creative forces whose voices and talents may not always be elevated.







As a brewery, one of our core values is certainly celebration. Our passion and ability to bring people together over a beer to celebrate the talent of the wide range of humans in our various communities is never far from mind.  This work is about tough conversations and internal, personal growth, but also about JOY and bringing folx together to celebrate and enjoy all lives. We have the venue and the product line to make safe celebration and connection a core part of this work moving forward.