Spotlight: Ale Sharpton

Inspired by craft beer pioneers Michael Jackson and Garrett Oliver, America’s darling lifestyle writer and craft beer ambassador Dennis Malcolm Byron aka Ale Sharpton began writing about ales and lagers in the mid-1990s. Just as a bold craft brewing scene and exciting new styles were emerging, Ale (then known by the pseudonym Justin Case) was learning about the origins of beer making. As he was developing a fondness for the vast flavors and complexity of beers like Brooklyn Brewery’s Black Chocolate Stout, he was learning that African women were the first people to be brewers of the beverage. Through this discovery, Ale Sharpton was born.

Since then, Ale has brought a level of cool to the craft beer community which was missing in those early days. Ale has incorporated his love for art, music and community into his work, including co-designing the crest logo of him holding up a beer which is popularly recognized as the “Ale Sharpton pose.” Over 30 years, Atlanta-based Ale Sharpton has become a fixture in the American craft beer scene, and is known widely as the guy who brings Black culture (and fun!) to beer, and always finding a way to incorporate his other passions, particularly art, hip hop and sneakers!

Ale has a lot in store for 2024! Keep an eye out for his upcoming events including the second year of the Ale Max Day Beer/Sneaker event in Atlanta on March 22 and Nashville, TN, on March 23.

Follow Ale and his adventures on IG @realalesharpton and check out his blog, Cruisin’ for a Brewsin’ at