Spotlight: Dyckman Beer Co

Juan Camilo and his family moved to New York City from the Dominican Republic when he was just five years old. But growing up in the Dyckman neighborhood of Manhattan, Juan was surrounded by the people, sounds and flavors of his beloved birthplace.

When you first meet Juan, appearing younger than his actual years, it’s hard to believe how much he has accomplished in such short time. With an early commitment to academic excellence, Juan attended Canterbury School in Connecticut as a Better Chance Scholar. Juan continued on to Bryant University, where he received a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and was a fellow of the 2013 Stanford University Entrepreneurship Institute.

In 2012 Juan made the decision to leave finance and turn his attention and skills to craft beer, a growing passion of his. Further, he saw a unique opportunity to build his business in the neighborhood he grew up in; an opportunity to create beers, experiences and spaces infused with Latin flavors and traditions. Fast forward to today, through a contract brewing partnership, Juan’s Dyckman Beer Co. has been crafting beers inspired by the people, flavor, and culture of Uptown NYC for 11 years.

Through a lot of hard work and perseverance, Juan’s beers have gained a loyal following. His attention to quality ingredients, unique flavors and a focus on hyper-local sales, has allowed Juan to maintain a tight distribution area that serves the communities nearest and dearest to him. Today, Dyckman beers, including Suave IPA and Highbridge, a chinola witbier, can be purchased at hundreds of stores and restaurants throughout NYC including Yankee Stadium.

Since the beginning, Juan has been looking for his own brick and mortar space in the Dyckman area. Although he has a clear vision, a great plan and community-wide support for a vibrant, welcoming space, he has faced several challenges, including gentrification, re-zoning and a global pandemic. Through a lot of hard work and perseverance, Juan has been close to securing good locations before, only to have the opportunities torn away by new zoning laws and soaring real estate prices that continue to push LatinX businesses out of the Washington Heights area. But through it all, Juan has not lost his resolve; he is working to secure a new location soon. According to Juan, “I will be the first person in my group to do something like this”.

We wish Juan and his team the best of luck. We can’t wait to visit his future space, but in the meantime, we will continue to look for his beers in the NYC area.