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Juniper Creative

Co-founded by Jennifer Herrera Condry and Will Kasso Condry, Juniper Creative Arts is a Vermont-based Black and Dominican family collective of nationally recognized muralists, facilitators, photographers, and more. Their work and vibe is inspired by cultural and spiritual lineages, urban art, Hip-Hop culture, the mystical, plant spirits, and the natural world. They have a purpose-driven practice of creating art that celebrates the lives and stories of the African Diaspora. Juniper Creative believes in the power of the arts to heal, build community, beautify, and create dialogue; to these ends, they use visual art and murals to lift up the voices, images, and people often left on the margins.

Juniper Creative Arts consists of fine artist, illustrator, and muralist Will Kasso Condry, creative director, visionary, and spiritual herbalist Jennifer Herrera Condry, and photographer and visual artist Alexa Herrera Condry. Since 2017, Jennifer and Will have facilitated numerous community mural projects and provided speaking engagements to educate others on the history and value of community murals and graffiti as forms of democratic art.

The Juniper Creative Arts team painted the silo on the side of the brewery.

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