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Co-founded by Jason Botkin, EN MASSE is a multi-artist collaborative drawing project that creates boldly black-and-white works of public art; underlining the power of shared creativity, and the building of strong communities through effective communication.

EN MASSE creates embodied learning spaces where participants from all walks of life come together to support cooperation, not compromise… where different points of view are celebrated as strengths, not weaknesses.

EN MASSE emphasizes process as being far more valuable than the final product, and invites participants to find the courage to actively listen and work together through a process designed to remind us of our dreams, to affirm, and to reinforce our deeply human need to belong.

The black and white murals on the ceilings on east and west sides of the beer cafe were painted by Jason Botkin, Dan Buller, Ola Volo, and Johnny Crap of EN MASSE.

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