Hoppy Holidays!

Greetings people of Earth –

I should have written this ages ago, but we have our hands full here at The Cannery. The expansion is plowing forward at a breakneck pace. We have now taken delivery of all our new tanks. Check out the little movie we made over the course of two days.

I know that a lot of you are curious about timelines and when we will have our new tanks online. I know this because we get a crazy number of emails asking. Hopefully this will answer everything you want to know. Rest assured, we will get things moving as fast as we can. As of right now, we hope to bump up capacity in early January, and that would give us more beer in cans 28 days later. We can’t be any more specific than that because we still have all kinds of work to get done. I can assure you that we will first get as much Heady Topper as we can to the loyal residents of  Vermont. When we have taken care of our people, we will then focus on getting it to the Boston market. As for when we will be brewing other styles, that will be some day in the near future. First things first.

Some things to be aware of:

  • We will close this Thursday, December 20th, at 6 o’clock SHARP, for our employee party.
  • Our staff is working through the weekend, so that everyone can be home with their families on Christmas Eve and Day. We will be closed both of those days.
  • We will have normal business hours on New Year’s Eve and Day.

Thanks, cheers and Hoppy Holidays,

– John