Lots Going On At The Brewery

Greetings People of Earth,

It has been entirely too long since my last blog, so here goes. First of all, we are all very excited about our Silver Medal at the World Beer Cup this past weekend. It was awarded to Luscious, a British-style Imperial Stout. You may recall that this beer was one of the beers I was able to save from the flooded pub. I just want to thank again, the Vermont breweries that were involved in the rescue mission. Full details of the process are available in the blog archives.

Secondly, we are happy to announce that the problems we were experiencing with the Celia Saison are no more. The second bottling run took place on Monday, and we are now on schedule to get into regular production. It will still be relatively limited availability, but that will change once Mercury moves into their new production facility.

I also wanted to share some news about the production here at the Cannery. We will soon begin demolition on the remainder of the space here, and it will enable us to bump up production again by the end of the year. This expansion will eventually lead to me being able to produce some of my old recipes for release here at the Cannery. Don’t get too excited though, I’ve come to expect the unexpected, and only time will tell if we are able to stick to this timeline. Keep your fingers crossed and think positive.

I’ve been pretty busy with collaboration beers lately. On April 20th, I brewed a batch of IPA with my friend Jean Francois Gravel from Dieu di Ciel. This beer will be available at their pub in Montreal for the Mondial Festival in early June. I believe the name of it will be Moralitè, named after the wonderful Morality police force in their fair city. It was loosely patterned after Focal Banger. We used all pale malt, so it should be nice and crisp. I haven’t tried it since then, so I look forward to getting my hands on some.

Another collaboration I recently did was with Russ and JD at the Vermont Pub and Brewery. We brewed a small 20 gallon batch of gluten-free Belgian-style fruit beer made with sorghum and 60 pounds of peaches. Their little pilot system is very cool. I believe it will be released at their brewery on May 20th.

For the Vermont Brewers Festival this summer, I will be making an American Stout with my friend Tod Mott from Portsmouth Brewery. This will be released at the fest, and it should be rather tasty by the time we are done with it. It is tentatively named Sqidgy Black and will most likely come in at the 7%abv range. Stay tuned.

We recently bought a new delivery truck, and we will be getting the logos put on in the next few weeks. Just wait and see, it will be awesome…

Until the next time, keep drinking.