Heady Days Ahead

Alchemist Cannery Heady Topper ConstructionGeez, the time just flies by. I wanted to have something out weeks ago, but the days just slip away.

Things at The Cannery are progressing nicely. Our time line has had some adjusting, but we are not too far away from beginning our first batch of Heady Topper. The photograph is of my new kettle and mash tun, in place, and right on time.

The fermenters and bright tanks are another story. Long story short, we are hoping to take delivery on these tanks right after the Vermont Brewers Festival. With this additional time, we will have everything ready to brew the day after they arrive, right around the middle of July. That will put the first cans for sale 28 days later. That is all of the basics, and I will certainly send out some new photos when I have something else cool to show you.

See you at the brewers fest, we will be pouring Heady Topper, Celia Saison, Sass Mouth, and ?????

Also! We totally forgot to send out this link this year. Seven Days, a local paper, has their voting for the “Best of”.

If you click on the link, you will be able to fill out a voting form. The only catch is that voting ends on Friday! (6/24/11) It will give you something to do tomorrow while you are supposed to be working.

Please vote for us for Best Brewpub, and maybe you think we’re good enough to mention for Best Craft Beer(Heady Topper)…Take your time and fill it out completely, so it gets counted. Thanks for considering.

Great selection of beers coming out soon. Sass-mouth, Hefty Weizen, Heady Topper, and Rapture all coming out in the next few weeks. Stay tuned to the home page for what’s currently on tap, I‘ve been pretty good about keeping it very up to date.