Getting It Right

Hi everyone, I wanted to get in touch with you about a small misstep we have encountered with our first batch of Celia Saison.

Unfortunately, we have decided to pull the first batch off of shelves, and have it destroyed.

I got my first bottle last night, and I am just not satisfied with the way it turned out. I have always strived to deliver exceptional beers to my customers, and sadly, this batch is not exceptional.  I myself, experienced a learning curve when I started making these gluten-free beers, and we are experiencing the same learning curve as we attempt to brew at another facility.

I lay the blame squarely at my own feet.

When the first two batches were in the kettle, I did not pay enough attention to when it was time to introduce the protein coagulant. This oversight has resulted in a very fizzy head on the beer that disappears almost immediately.

This is not something that I can let go out to our customers that expect a certain level of quality with anything that has our name on it.

To those of you that have already purchased some of this batch, I sincerely apologize.

Yesterday morning, I made a fresh batch at the brewing facility, and it was all done to my previous brewing protocol. I can only hope that this resolves our problems, and we can get it out to you in a timely manner. The new bottling run should occur in about 3 weeks, at which point Celia Saison will return to the market. If I find that it is still not up to my level of quality, we will pull back even further, to reassess our approach to sharing our award-winning beer with a wider audience.

Thank you for understanding our situation, and please give us another chance in a few weeks.

Until then, keep on keeping on.