You Can Take It With You

Sorry it has been so long since my last update, but we have been very busy starting our new brewery. WHAT!!!! You heard me right.

The rumours are true, we are in the process of starting a 15 barrel production brewery right here in good old Waterbury . After some searching, the perfect location became available to us, and we decided to go for it. Our new brewery will be called The Alchemist, and it is located at 35 Crossroad, a stones throw from Ben and Jerry’s. I have already began the process of converting the space into a brewery. The floor drains have been cut, the electricians are working their magic, and the floors will be poured in two weeks.

My equipment is under construction at various locations. The kettle and mash tun are being built by Stainless Steel Specialists of Quebec, the same guys that built my new kettle at the pub. My fermenters and bright tanks are being built by Wine Country Stainless in California . My canning line is being built by Cask Brewing Systems in Canada.

Yes, that’s right, a canning line. We will be producing only one beer, Heady Topper, and it will come in four packs of 16 ounce cans. Pounders of Heady!!!! I can hardly believe it myself. We are very excited about taking our business to the next level. The can presents us with a unique opportunity to put a very special beer in a container that will protect it from the harsh realities of leaving my loving embrace.

The decision to put it in cans and not bottles rests on several reasons. First of all, the recyclability of the cans; add to that the non-issue of breakage, the superior protection from UV light, and the low levels of oxygen uptake. All of these factors will play a part in providing an unsurpassed hop experience to you, our loyal customers.

The project will be in full swing for the next several months, and we hope to be brewing in May, with the first cans for sale in late May to early June. There will be a retail shop at the new brewery that will be open seven days a week, with self-guided tours and tasters of Heady Topper on draft. Stay tuned for more details, and don’t even THINK about coming by until the construction is done. The little video you can watch was filmed during my visit to Baxter Brewing in Maine. Ours will look just like that one.

Now, on to what is coming up at The Alchemist Pub and Brewery. I am releasing Heathen this weekend, a beautiful batch of American IPA coming in at 7% abv. I should be getting the new batch of Farmers Daughter on tap in the next few weeks as well. Petit Mutant is due to come on very soon also. I also have a batch of Sterk Wit, and a batch of Heady Topper coming on soon as well. All in all, this blog has brought you a lot of good news if you are a fan of our beer. Stay tuned to our Twitter account, and the web site for updates on when exactly all of that goodness will be available.

Thank you,  John

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