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What a day!Alchemist Pub Irene

I have no intention of turning John’s blog into my personal soapbox, but as you can imagine John and Jen have quite a few things on their mind at the moment.

Alchemist IreneMaybe most importantly is to assure everyone out there that Act II of The Alchemist Pub and Brewery is going to be pretty spectacular. And even more good news is that as I sit here typing, Jim, Jeff, Joel and John are over at the Cannery putting Heady Topper into cans!

Alchemist IreneThe pictures you see scattered through this post are ones I took yesterday in Waterbury in and around what we used to call work.  The whole day felt like an out-of-body experience, like what you see on the news about folks digging out from a natural disaster, but we were there doing it!  I found some of our equipment a block away…..sitting on top on a car!

Alchemist IreneMake no mistake about it, Waterbury was devastated.  At one point in the middle of the night, pretty much half the town was under around 10′ of raging, muddy water, with the river officially cresting at 20′.  Not only was the basement completely full, but the dining room and kitchen were also about hip deep.

Alchemist IreneA business can be rebuilt though, individual lives and homes are so much more difficult, and for this one building there are 50 homes throughout Waterbury that are worse off.  Here is some press coverage from elsewhere:


Alchemist IreneBurlington Free Press

USA Today

The Town of Waterbury has also put out the following request:

Volunteer Flood Support for Waterbury Area

Hello Waterbury Committee Members,

Many people have indicated interest in helping their neighbors impacted by the flood. In response the town is organizing a clearing house for labor.   If you need help or can volunteer:

• Meet at 9:00 AM Tuesday- Friday  (August 30 through September 2)

• Thatcher Brook Primary School, Waterbury

• Back parking lot near basketball court

If you are a homeowner/occupant in need of help:

• Please come at 9 AM with a list of labor or items that you need and we will try to provide a volunteer match.

If you want to volunteer to help:

• Please come at 9 AM in work clothes and prepared to help in ways you can.  Bring cleaning supplies, mops, buckets, garbage bags if you have them.

With our thanks for all your amazing support, stay tuned……

[UPDATE 8/30/11] Some excellent local reporting on the extent of the flood’s damage across the region (including Waterbury, Moretown, Waitsfield and Warren):

alchemist kegs pulled from basement[UPDATE 8/31/11] One more picture from continuing recovery efforts.  6 hours in a basement has a way of getting someone tired .  There’s actually several more pics coming from back behind The Alchemist (closer to the river) but my pos phone hardly works when it gets this cloudy!

Randall Street was enough to bring a tear to your eye.  Dumpsters, trucks, piles, high-pressure washers and, no exaggeration, easily 30 times more people than actually live there.  (oh, turns out that it is actually over 100 homes that were partially or totally destroyed).  Waterbury’s pretty amazing!

Main Street was a dustbowl of dried river mud and dump trucks, contractors and community food-stands with free dogs and burgers.  Shout out to the Fire Department and Green Mountain Coffee.

And some really good videos that brings home just what happened around this state.  Too many wonderful people……….

WCAX Local TV Station Flyover

YouTube mash-up of personal videos (really well done!)